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Can't wait for part D!

This sure ties up some loose ends, but as you said, there's a lot more to be revealed! Once again a splendid job, Oscar. I loved Mullins as character and TomaMoto voiced him brilliantly. Fingers crossed the characters (including "some other guy", I seriously laughed out loud for that one) will make it to the helicopter. Also, this one had a nice big action scene and some good thrilling suspense, while A and B had a bit less action. That makes it even better. :D
Keep it up, you're only getting better. =)

Get-lost responds:

Thanks man.

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it's spam, we both know :P
I'll expect some high quality flash from you soon ;)


This seems like it could be really good. You should really make the full movie, it will be good.
One question though. Where did you get the music?? It's the same as Castle III D, and it's great! Can you please tell me where you got it??

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It's a start.

Things you might want to improve on:
- Graphics, take a tutorial for drawing in perspective and learn a bit about shading. That will make it look a whole lot sweeter. Also, just giving your text-boxes an other colour, rounding those corners and making them slightly transparent will make them a lot nicer. Just try some stuff out. ^^
- Logic, I heard a huge explosion and suddenly there was a keycard upstairs. Did I miss something? o.O
- More length, more rooms. It would have been neat if the explosion I just mentioned would have blown a hole in one of the walls. That would solve the logic problem as well.

For the rest it seems quite okay. There seems to be a good start for a continued story, so use the oppurtunities and reveal some interesting facts along the game(s).

Lastly, the sound... was... Awesome.
I loved the ingame music, for real. If anyone could tell me what the name of that song is, please do so. :D

stigolafxcker responds:

It's the theme song from "The Exorcist" :)

A nice time-waster.

I really liked most of them. I was amazed by the pyramid and the image of jesus. Quite ingenious, really. Had to laugh about nr. 29, it's soooo true. XD
Anyway, it's a nice collection of illusions. Some better than others, but overall of good quality.
I also liked the layout, with a timer and explanation integrated.
The end of the intro looked kind of weird, but it was still cool the tank actually was movable and shot you. :D

Overall a good flash, but not special enough for me to rate any higher.
Keep it up!

Nice game, short though

This is really a good test for your eyes! And I actually beat the first 14 without tilting the screen, (though I guessed wrong once...)
anyway, It's pretty good and you should make a sequel with more colours and shapes, that would really improve it! Also it should be a bit longer, because this way it ends pretty soon... so really, make a sequal!

Zeroxxed responds:

I'm considering it as we speak... well, as I reply to this review anyway.

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Really well done. I enjoyed it very much, though I prefer the version of S&M of course :P. By the way, the componist is Ennio Morricone.

djt820 responds:

Yeah, thats his name. Thanks for the review.

Yeah! That´s the stuff!

They should use this in the real game...
really great... It´s zelda and metal...
Keep making this kind of music!

It's never as sweet as it seems...

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