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Posted by Lucitech - December 14th, 2008

You've seen it right, people. I'm going to the next level. No more sprite movies of Phoenix Wright, but instead a game.
And I'm going to give a shot at probably the most addicting kind of them, a defense game.
This is a bit of an ambitious project though, for I am going to add a full sized campaign and save option.
Thanks to the BBS for a quick respond at my questions, I now have probably all I need to know to get on and make the game already.

To give you a bit of an idea what it's going to be, I'll give a quick summary:
You are a soldier in a greatly outnumbered futuristic army. However, your side has a special weapon, the Boltgun Turret. This is the defence/offence weapon you will use to destroy the huge amount of enemies there is to face. There will be different commanders to battle, all with different styles and powers. All to rid the planet of your vicious enemy.

The game will not be completed anytime soon, but I will frequently work on it and might post an update or demo on my NG-Blog if I feel like it.

Well, a good day to you, Newgrounders!
Until next time, L

Game development!

Posted by Lucitech - May 15th, 2008

Another one of those Phoenix Wright spoofs!
Only this time the main attraction is music synchronizing.
Check out my new Phoenix Rocks! and you'll get what I mean.
Please vote fairly and don't hesitate to leave useful critics!

Also, I need to report Zero will not be finished... EVER. So don't wait for it, when I start remaking an animation of my story I will definitely report it 8-) But for now I will stop working on it.

I hope you guys enjoy my work till now!

See you all, L-tech

Phoenix Rocks!

Posted by Lucitech - August 15th, 2007

Since it was clockday I decided to spend 15 minutes on making a pointless flash about the clocks.
It got a 3.82 because of clockday, lolled.
I suppose I should remove it later, but for now I can enjoy the insane high score for my flash :P
Still working on Zero, which will be a lot better and a lot more serious.

Posted by Lucitech - July 18th, 2007

Well, guess what, I'm actually making a flash movie!
In a month or 2 it will be uploaded, till then the updates can be followed here.
Any tips or comments before release is always welcome.
Soon a site will be online, together with a forum, but till then look at the site just given.

Latest update: 1.2, watch here
That's it for now.
Greets, L-tech